ITALY- Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Marching Band
Alessandro Morini
Born in Bologna, he started playing trumpet at the age of 11. He graduated at the conservatory G.B. Martini of Bologna in 1982. Right after he began his intense activity playing different kind of music:rock, funk, jazz above all. Between 1995 and 1999 he was a member of the acid jazz band Live Tropical Fish with which he recorded the cd "Shape your Life". The world wide success of the album gets him to be known as one of the best horn arranger in Italy.
He joined BSM in 2000 and besides playing trumpet he is one of the co-author and co-arranger of the band.
Alessandro Morini performs XO series- 1600L trumpet.

Alessandro Bussolari

Born in Bologna, Alessandro Bussolari started playing trumpet at the age of 12 and took his first steps in the musical environment collaborating with some regional brass bands.
He graduated at the conservatory G.B. Martini of Bologna in 1995 and refined his classical and jazz style playing with the Bologna Conservatory Orchestra, the Paris Conservatory Orchestra and with the Swing Band in Bologna.
He joined Bononia Sound Machine in 2001.
Alessandro Bussolari performs XO series- 1600L trumpet.
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Sandro Caliumi
Sandro Caliumi was born in Bologna in 1951. He began his musical activity in 1968. Being a versatile musician (trombone, tuba, sax, flute, electric bass), he performed in a big number of local bands and immediately develop the concept of horn section.
He began the deep study of the trombone in 1990 with teacher Piero Innati and played with the Cento Big Band and with the Orchestra Laboratorio of master Mario Raja.
He co-founded Bononia Sound Machine in 1992 with Lorenzo Bombacini.
Sandro Caliumi performs XO series- 1236L-0-F trombone.
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Piero Odorici
Jazz saxophone player
Piero Odorici represents one among the most innovative new talents in European Jazz. He has toured all around the world and has appeared in radio and TV shows. He has collaborated with numerous talented musicians such as Ray Mantilla, Ben Riley, George Cables, Jimmy Cobb, etc.
In May 2000, Odorici toured America with his own band, playing in famous clubs in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. with Ray Mantilla and The George Cables Quartet. He has taken part in numerous important Festivals like Umbria Jazz (Italy), Grande Parade du Jazz (France), Pori Jazz Festival (Finland), Salonicco Jazz (Greece), Porretta Soul Festival (Italy), Pavarotti and Friends 2000 (Italy). Piero has also recorded with many great contemporary musicians.

Lorenzo Bombacini

Born in Bologna in 1973, Lorenzo Bombacini started playing saxophone at the age of 14 with teacher Michael BrushaIn his 20 years activity, he played on stage with well known artists such as Francesco Guccini, Sara Bareilles, Pippo Guarnera, Maurizio Solieri and Born to Swing Orchestra.
His name is linked with Bononia Sound Machine, an eleven pieces horn driven soul-funk band, which he founded in 1992. Besides being the baritone sax player his role within Bononia Sound Machine is band leader, co-author and co-arranger.
Lorenzo Bombacini performs 893SG Baritone Saxophone.

Alberto Pietropoli

Alberto Pietropoli was born in Adria in 1953. He approached music as singer and bass player in 1965. Being influenced by the progressive rock stream of the sixties, in 1969 he started his experience with the flute first and the saxophone later, playing in different local bands. Being a versatile musician, he began his official career with the pop rock group called Windopen, then he played with other various different kinds of music bands such as Central Units, Radio City, NoiseBoy, Lainz, Jumpin’Shoes, Born to Swing.
He plays with Bononia Sound Machine since 2000.
Alberto Pietropoli performs 889SG Tenor Saxophone.

Biografia Alessandrini

Jazz Saxophone Player; Composer

Born in 1955. He graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in Agrarian Sciences. Awarded a diploma in the Saxophone, awarded " Expert of Music " by the EEC, a diploma in Jazz Music, he has studied instruments with Joe Henderson, Paul Jeffrey, Frank Strozier of the Duke University USA, David Liebman, Sergio Rigon of RAI – Milan, at the same time widening his knowledge of composition. Collaborations with names such as Giorgio Gaslini, Enrico Pierannunzi, Franco Cerri, Dusko Gojkovich and others brought Alessandrini into contact with the popular Italian star Paolo Conte with whom he collaborated for some years. His activity as a composer has produced music for scenes for theatrical works, arrangements for the orchestra of the Teatro Due of Parma, music for saxophones and brass published by Bèrben, Pizzicato and College Music. Some of these compositions are currently included in the repertoire of " the DET - Duke Ellington Trio " (the only professional jazz group in the world composed of three single saxophones) which Alessandrini directs, and which in July 1988 was awarded the BEST NEW ITALIAN JAZZ GROUP. The intense popular and didactic activity is expressed through the Seminar of the History of Jazz, held from 1988 to 1994 at the Musical Institute of the University of Parma; the collaboration of the writing of the quarterly journal " the Saxophone ", the official journal of the Association of Italian Saxophonists, dealing with the jazz and electronic section; teaching for Professional Institutes with courses on music and theatrical institutes for the creation of tourist guides; teaching for saxophone courses at the " Sicilia Jazz " seminars in 1989 and 1990 and the participation as a host soloist in the big-band jazz tour at the " Django Reinhardt " Centre of Palermo. He has represented Italy with the trio "Ellington " in the X World-wide Saxophone Festival of 1992 in Pesaro and XIV in Liubljiana 2006.

He has been first alto sax of " the Jazz Art Orchestra " for 10 years, with which he has carried out tours in USA, Spain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebaneon, Germany and Montecarlo.

He is baritone sax of the Hallo Mister Sax Ensemble of 12 sax directed by Mario Marzi.

He is currently also teacher and supervisor of the SSIS of the University of Modena.

His last work on record was with the “Mantua Studio Big Band”, as first alto saxophone, in 2007.

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Marching Band
Giuseppe Verdi Marching Band
Giuseppe Verdi Marching Band was founded in 1904 as a traditional band and at the end of the 90s they became a marching band. There are 40 brass– wind players, 12 drum players and 12 color guards in the band.

In less than 5 years, they succeeded in making a name for themselves in the national and international area as one of the best marching bands. Their position has been confirmed by the results achieved in some competitions during which they performed from 2003 up 2008. They attended six Italian championships (, getting the podium both in the parade competition and in the show one.

In 2003, 2004 and 2008, they participated to the world championships ( of marching show bands. In 2004 – in Bournemouth (UK), they competed with more than 50 groups from the five continents and they got, after an exciting competition, a very prestigious and unexpected access to the final. They classified as the 13th marching band.